Enrique Encinas
IxD + Design Research

Uroboros Festival


Design + Festival Curation:

The Uroboros festival and community network provide an open, hy- brid (online/offline) co-creative space for experimental explorations of the transformative potential of creative practice in art and design. In 2020 and 2021, the Uroboros project brought together over 1500 artists, designers, researchers, activists and enthusiasts interested in experimenting with plausible pathways to eco-social transforma- tion, exploring topics such as the circular economy, multi-species collectivism, more-than-human care, sustainable cities, and social aspects of artificial intelligence.

These areas of interest were brought to world-wide audiences through a plethora of co-creative events, including workshops, per- formative experiments, Live Action Role Plays (LARPs), and panel discussions and cooking sessions.