Enrique Encinas
IxD + Design Research

Business Golf


Design + Artifact:
︎Tangible artifact
︎Tangible Business Modeling

Project designing Tangible Business Models to empower collaboration be- tween stakeholders and foster innova- tion. The brief was to design a tool that in interaction with stakeholders would result in a productive discussion con- cerning a particular business process or product. We worked with Danfoss to tap into the potentials of their flexible sensor technology for the Golf indus- try. In particular, we designed a tangi- ble tool and a participatory workshop to engage with Danfos managers and engineers. In collaboration with Maren Nelson-Burke, Ana María Cifuentes and Youran Yu.

︎ Mitchell, Robb, and Enrique Encinas. "In On The Trick: Tricky Objects Brought To Life." In Design Research Society OPENSiG Symposium. 2013