Enrique Encinas
IxD + Design Research

Soylent Cultery


Design + Artifact:

In the context of the Stupid Shit Hackathon that took place in San Francisco in 2016, I designed a set of cutlery for the Soylent community.

Soylent is a brand of meal replacement in liquid form that supposedly meets all nutritional requirements of an average adult. Its name is based on the artificial food consumed by the characters in the book Make Room!Make Room! by Harry Harryson.

Soylent seems to strongly appeal to no-time-to-loose Bay Area individuals. However, even the most career oriented person finds herself or himself in the position of sharing a meal with someone who aside from drinking, eats. The Soylent cutlery I proposed targeted the imbalance in eating practices between the eater and the drinker. It allows the drinker to enjoy his or her meal without renouncing to the pleasure of employing a range of tools while doing so. It creates further opportunities for silence so the eater has a chance to speak and be a part of the conversation.

Project in collaboration with Markéta Dolejšová.