Enrique Encinas
IxD + Design Research

Gossip Chain


Design + Artifact:
︎Interactive Maquette
︎Design Fiction
︎Blockchain Tech

Commission by the European Union’s Policy Lab for the Blockchain4EU. We (James Auger was a collaborator) were lead designers of an interdisciplinary group of experts tasked with imagining and prototyping possible futures of Digital Ledger Technologies (such as Blockchain) for applications related to Intellectual Property. Our task was to lead the discussion and outcomes of two workshops in Brussels and to design a speculative interactive object: GossipChain. An interactive maquette that used sound and light to embody a localised blockchain that combined people’s reputation and prediction markets to asses and register the value and reliability of gossip as information. The maquette was available to EU regulators and members of industry and academia in the European Union Headquarters in Brussels and in a number of events organised by the EU policy lab.