Enrique Encinas
IxD + Design Research



Design + Artifact:
︎Concept and sketches of two books
︎Internet of Things

The initial brief was designing materials for a workshop in Mozilla's Headquarters in California in Summer 2017. Workshop attendees were expected to leave the workshop with a fresh outlook on their own design processes involving routers and devices for the internet of things.

Mark Blythe facilitated the workshop and I designed the books below. 
Bookonon - that explored the home hub space through collage, gluing images, sketches and diagrams into the pages of a blank notebook and adding watercolor and other effects like metallic mask- ing tape with symbols written onto it. The symbols and text imply taxonomies and meaning without ever specifying anything. Such material is open to multiple interpretations in ways useful for design.
The first book is 58 pages. The second is 16 pages. The results from our work in Mozilla and other thought experiments in design were published as one conference paper in CHI, one journal article that became a book and was also presented in CHI and one article in the September 2017 issue of Debrief Magazine.

Project in collaboration with Mark Blythe.

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︎ Blythe, Mark, Enrique Encinas, Jofish Kaye, Miriam Lueck Avery, Rob McCabe, and Kristina Andersen. "Imaginary Design Workbooks: Constructive Criticism and Practical Provocation." In Proceedings of the 2018 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, p. 233. ACM, 2018.