Enrique Encinas
IxD + Design Research
Enrique Encinas is a design researcher looking at the patterns and textures formed by peoples and technologies with a critical eye and an interdisciplinary focus. He uses practice-based design approaches to examine the contested boundaries that define what is actual, what is preferable and what is possible in the realm of technological development and use. His current work produces objects, methods and tools to deploy speculative designs in educational settings (speculativeedu), rethink socio-material assemblages of energy production and consumption (CCCB) and question the role of algorithmic wizardry when developing Blockchain and AI Tech (Blockchain4EU). He trained as a telecommunication and semiconductor tech engineer before obtaining his PhD in interaction design from Northumbria University. He is currently assistant professor at Aalborg University where he teaches people centred research methods, visual communication and interaction design.


EMAIL: enrique.encinas@aho.no
TWITTER: @offjects
LINKEDiN: /enrique-encinas